LightSpeed Technology is an identity innovation company, pioneering market-leading solutions for convenient and secure authentication of an individual’s identity, for error free access to records, systems and resources.

Using patented illumination technology and a single multibiometric camera, LightSpeed represents a new class of iris and face recognition that combines industry-leading accuracy with ground-breaking compact size and ease of use.  Compared to traditional biometric solutions, LightSpeed technology is multiple times more accurate, significantly smaller, at substantially reduced cost.

LightSpeed’s monitor clip-ons and embedded solutions simplify biometric security, delivering images that meet or exceed demanding ISO/IEC standards.

With an intuitive user interface and compact design, LightSpeed overcomes many of the traditional barriers for biometric systems, introducing a practical and affordable solution for patient identification, SSO/logon, access control and records security.


Simplify and streamline the way the world secures its people, systems and resources in ways that are easy, intuitive and universal.

Michael Braithwaite

Founder, CEO, CTO

Entrepreneurial engineer Michael Braithwaite, founder and CEO of LightSpeed Technology, is a former Navy SEAL and biometric visionary starting at the forefront of human recognition innovation more than two decades ago.

Prior to developing his patented innovations in iris and face recognition, he was tapped to lead US operations for a global biometric leader, BioID Technologies, successfully deploying biometric systems for use in emerging countries.

A senior engineer at Lockheed Martin for more than 17 years, Braithwaite led their electro-optical technology team in the successful development and deployment of high-value optical sensors for advanced spacecrafts. As the senior commercial lead, he coordinated all technical aspects from the design, precision manufacturing, QA, and performance testing through deployment in the challenging environment of space orbit coupled with defect-free, high reliability.

An early industry pioneer, Braithwaite led the development and launch of the first commercially-viable iris recognition systems for Iridian Technologies (merger of IriScan & Sensar). Building a national scale technology from scratch, he co-conceived, architected and managed the successful release of two full generations of the company’s key products; Authenticam, PrivateID software/KnoWho Authentication Server.  The initial product development migrated into commercially successful products offered by MorphoTrust, now IDEMIA.

During a compressed three-year period, he invented and patented a 3G iris and multi-function camera technology that reduced the cost of public-use by more than 75% with improved performance and ease of use by overseas manufacturers. The technology was ultimately licensed by others including LG (now IrisID) and Panasonic.

Mr. Braithwaite is a recognized thought leader holding several patents in human recognition technologies and other related innovations. He earned both his BS degrees in engineering and MS engineering management from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer registered in PA and NJ.

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